Emotional Intelligence

Assessment and Coaching


Renee Lura is a Certified Coach and Assessor experienced in taking leaders to the next level by helping them apply the tools of emotional intelligence.  Renee delivers the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment, a statistically rigorous tool for measuring and developing EQ.  The program uses learning technology to improve relationships, increase connection and transform lives and businesses.



The Assessments will provide you with a top-tier emotional intelligence knowledge so you will understand your own EQ competencies, set goals for professional and personal development, and apply EQ strengths for personal and team effectiveness.  The purpose is to help leaders become more effective and to make our lives better and gain results.

It will introduce you to applications of emotional intelligence (EQ) for enhancing leadership and team performance.  Focus is on increasing self-awareness and recognizing emotional intelligence needs and assets in yourself, relationships and team performance.

Participants will get answers to key questions:

  1. What is emotional intelligence?
  2. What are the business results of utilizing emotional intelligence?
  3. What are my own EQ strengths?
  4. How do I gain more of the benefits for my team and myself?
  5. What are my next steps to leverage my EQ strengths to improve leadership?



  1. Assessment: Participants complete the Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI) online.
  2. Coaching: Following the training, each participant will have a one-to-one coaching session to debrief their assessment. This is a critical step to developing and applying EQ competencies.


Workshops & Coaching:

The quality of any training program is improved if there is an opportunity for participants to practice the skills and be held accountable to their commitments. Group workshops and coaching is the vehicle that ensures that your investment in this program will show up in bottom-line results.