As a parent you are the leader

One makes the most successful leaders stand out? The most successful leaders in business and life allow themselves to be vulnerable. Vulnerable leaders make it safe and they go first. If you want to see your child to be trusting and feel safe enough to communicate with honesty you need to go first.

How do you show them vulnerability…

  • Not always about being right or having to prove a right and wrong. How do you speak with them to be open to hearing their ideas, opinions, have discussions that have discovery and allow creativity and testing out?
  • Hearing and implementing their ideas also. Do you openly, actively listen to the ideas that have no matter is the smallest of item or biggest of topic? Does the discussion allow them to become creative, resourceful and independent thinker?
  • Talking about the uncomfortable things- regardless if it is your fears, truths or theirs. When you open up to discussion that is without judgement or certain outcomes, both you and your child can become vulnerable and express discovery each other and options and opportunities.

Human need trust. Your child needs trust and vulnerability is the quickest way there.

Enter into those uncomfortable moments and see how it leads both of you to a place you never imagined.