My daughter came home from school yesterday and said “Momma, I helped someone in need today”

There was a girl who had no lunch money and she said her mom is in prison, her dad works all the time and no one is around to get her money so I gave her some of my lunch.

                How a child is taught the emotional intelligence side of life.

                How do they become kind.

                How do they speak kind, caring and encouraging words about themselves and others instead of being critical or complaining or looking at the negative side of people or situations?

                How is their actions reflected towards respect of themselves and others. Giving value, trust and self-worth in their actions and contributions into daily experiences that are kind and genuine.

Understanding where kindness comes from starts with knowing what builds kindness.  A child that feels positive self-worth, helps others feel it too. A child that feels value in themselves, helps others feel valued also.  No matter how kind, compassionate or loving you were at birth, if you do not teach, practice and experience that skill just as any other skill, it will not flourish with you.

Kindness is built by experience and exposure from parents, families, social environment and schools. Teaching and leading by example and sharing experiences in these skills at youth ages then become natural and flourish at any age.

Let’s make sure our children flourish in kindness, compassion and with experience and exposure that starts with us.